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"After seeing Gemma for my M.E and osteoarthritis I have been able to reduce my medication by half"

"She explained how the body functions and how certain foods can make a difference to how I feel, making it easier to make better food choices and easier swaps. The tests we did were really eye-opening and I know I can change my health. I now have less knee pain, less fatigue and brain fog, sleep better and  I have even lost 17lbs without trying!"


Success Stories

Gill, Watford

"Gemma understands my health issues and actually listens to me. She has allowed me to focus on my health and lifestyle with her clear instructions and guidance."

The tests she recommended were very informative and helped with my understanding of the reasons behind my health issues. In four months with Gemma, I have come off one asthma medication completely and halved my second asthma medication. My blood pressure has decreased, I’ve been able to lower my medication for it and I’ve also lost 6kg

Mrs G, Maidenhead

"She is very natural with people which gave me a lot of confidence in her consultations."

"Gemma took the time to understand my fatigue, hypothyroidism and eczema and really brought to life why I should follow her recommendations through thorough explanations of why some foods work and why some foods don't work for me. She is very natural with people which gave me a lot of confidence in her consultations. I'm a busy mum of three with a full-time job so I didn't want to spend more hours in the kitchen and food had to be family friendly. This was no problem. Six months on from our first consultation, I still follow her advice and for the first time in my adult life I have not had any eczema flares and I have much less hypothyroid related fatigue".

Abi, Kineton


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where we can talk through your fatigue and/or digestive issues and see if we are the right fit to work together towards your goals of a stress-free tummy and more energy.

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