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Health MOT

My Diet and Lifestyle MOT is a terrific start to get you focusing on your own health and how your nutrition plays a big part in it. You send your car in for an MOT, let’s get the same done for your body!

Here’s what you can expect from our 45-minute session:

  • A 45-minute Zoom consultation to look at your food and lifestyle diary

  • Learn what small, simple changes you can make to increase energy levels and vitality

  • Manageable and personalised recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your nutrition and make a big impact on how you feel

  • Recipe suggestions, ideas for meals to put my recommendations in to practice and foods to add to your shopping list

  • A 15-minute follow-up call to monitor progress and keep you on track after 2 weeks.

Your investment is £125 and this is for your if you don't have any specific symptoms or health concerns that needs addressing and you are motivated to become the healthiest version of yourself! 

Schedule in a free 20-minute reboot call with me.

or book straight in to your 


What client's say about me:

"Wow. I have just finished a nutritional coaching session with Gemma and I feel so motivated as well as educated. Gemma really took the time to understand my lifestyle and my health history, so her recommendations are realistic for me to apply. So much of her scientific reasoning has unlocked things for me - resonating in a way that I will apply in the nutritional choices that I make. And as if the conversation wasn't good enough, Gemma then sent me a personalised summary of recommendations, a custom food / menu plan, and even discounts on specific products. Want to reduce stress and increase energy? Then I would highly recommend connecting with Gemma to explore how your diet can help you". Mrs C, Windsor 

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