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My Programmes

To regain your best health, you don’t need to just be told to eat healthier, to slow down and to sleep better – you need an actual plan.

I can personalise a nutrition and lifestyle plan unique to your health concerns, your eating habits and lifestyle that will address the root causes of your digestive issues and low energy. It’s your time to prioritise your health and put yourself at the top of the to do list. With lots of contact and a real understanding of your conditions and health goals, I can keep you on track and motivate you through every step of your journey.


I offer 3 packages that are all 12 weeks in length
and start at £450
(payable in 3 instalments). 

Research shows this to be a good length of time to start achieving results and to really make those small changes work for you.

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This is for you if you struggle with digestion and energy and need a personalised plan for how and what to eat to best suit your health and family/work life, as well as lifestyle and stress management tweaks. 

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This is for you if you need a bit more encouragement, if you are finding your health concerns impacting you life more and more and would benefit from more contact and more accountability. We'll delve deeper into your digestion, microbe health, food choices and lifestyle and create the perfect support to help you achieve your health goals



This Is for you If you have more complicated digestive issues or chronic fatigue syndrome. We will delve deeply into your nutrition, lifestyle and stress management habits. Each week I will be there to support, educate and motivate you so that together we can move towards your health goals. I will also be available during work hours to answer any queries you have over email. 

Included in each 12-week programmes

Each of my three programmes have been created to ensure that, whatever your starting point, lifestyle and requirements, I have something to help you.


Initial consultations and a number of follow ups (face to face or Zoom) 

Research into your health concerns and planning personalised recommendations based on the latest evidence

Mini progress reviews

In-depth health and lifestyle assessment considering symptoms, medical history, family history & stress levels

Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan

Personalised coaching to support new food choices and new habits 

Recommend clinical tests and full interpretation 

Access to your personalised GDPR compliant client portal (Practice Better) 

Current medication and nutrient interactions If applicable

Nutrition and lifestyle education and guidance

Personalised 5-day menu 

Practice Better and email support (Ultimate only) 

Before each programme I will send you an initial intake form and a 5-day food diary. 

Each programme begins with a 90-minute initial consultation where I will use the initial intake form and the 5-day food diary and dig deep on your current health and health history, family heath, family life, medications and your body systems. Once I can understand your health concerns, I can put together a targeted nutritional protocol, advise on any tests that may be necessary (NHS or private), and give you a personalised 5-day food plan to show you how you can incorporate the plan in to your daily life (taking in to account family dinners, work schedules etc.) 



Schedule in a free 20-minute reboot call with me.

where we can talk through your health concerns and see if we are the right fit to work together towards your goals of a stress-free digestive system and more energy.

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