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Spring Health Reset 
15th April 2024

Are you lacking energy, hitting a wall by 3pm, dragging through the day with caffeine and sugar hits then sleeping badly at night? Do you know this isn't right, but you don't know what to do?  Do you long for consistent energy throughout the day, the energy to create a more joyful life, a clear, focussed mind and not having to rely on sugar, caffeine and powernaps?

I've just the thing for you. 


As an experienced BANT registered Nutritional Therapist with a busy clinic, I see this a lot with my 1-2-1 clients. Following the nutrition and lifestyle principles that I cover to balance blood sugar, they leave my clinic feeling more energised, more focussed and better than they have in years. They get more hours in the day. Other seemingly unrelated symptoms that they have had fall away. It really is that powerful. 

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Spring Health Reset 2024

If this is resonating with you then my 21 day programme may be just what you need to regain that energy and to feel as good as you used to. Forget faddy diets and detoxes, blood sugar balancing is a nutrition plan that you can stick to and that you will want to stick to. 

Using the basics of blood sugar balancing, amongst other nutritional recommendations, this 21-day programme will teach you how to eat for your best health whilst still allowing life to happen. You will go away from this programme with a clear understanding of how to eat to stabilise your energy, support your immune system, nourish your gut and your body and maybe even lose a few pounds. These new habits are for life and will see you in to a healthier and fitter Summer. 



For only £49 you can expect

  • Private, dedicated Facebook group (join here)

  • Clarity on how to eat for good health. No calorie counting! 

  • Workout Wednesday resistance weight exercises from top personal trainer David Williams from Power of One Fitness

  • pre-recorded webinar masterclasses -

    • 'Why should you balance blood sugar and how to do it'

    • 'What should be on your plate' 

    • 'How stress impacts blood sugar' 

  • Daily Facebook posts with tips, motivation and accountability 

  • Numerous 'Facebook lives' covering anything that comes up in the group and even more tips for success

  • 'Spring Health Reset' Recipe Book 

  • Progress Journal

  • Daily tips, motivation and accountability

  • Mini Challenges

  • Health and Energy questionnaire to see your progress


What do you need to do?

  • Join the Facebook group 

  • Fill out your energy questionnaire

  • Take a read of the Spring Health Reset recipe book and tips for the programme 

  • Make sure you have a plan for what you want to eat - what breakfasts will you have? Lunches? Dinners? The Reset book will give you ideas and I'm always here to ask

  • Watch the Masterclasses - this is where you will get information on balancing your blood sugar that may just change your eating habits for life. It won't take long and I get straight to the point. 

  • Workout Wednesday resistance weight exercises from top personal trainer David Williams from Power of One Fitness

  • Keep up to date with my daily Facebook posts. Any questions? Just ask. 

  • Enjoy it. Whilst I want you to feel great after the 21 days, the point of the group is to have these tips and lessons for life. 


I am now taking bookings for 15th April 2024

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