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Thrive (not just survive) this Christmas!

Worried about the usual weight gain this Christmas? Can you have a great time this Christmas without depriving yourself or increasing your midriff? This newsletter will give you some ideas for what to avoid and what delicious health choices you can make in order to look good and feel healthy in January.

The fundamentals 1. Don't try to lose weight over December Set a maintenance goal instead. This is more realistic and much more achievable. This will give you the freedom to enjoy yourself without the feelings of deprivation or the pressure to rebel.

2. Normal routine goes out the window! However, make sure you don’t forget about yourself and still take the time to plan your food. That way, you will still have the right choices in the house and it will be much easier for you to succeed. If you have a specific health goal, then planning ahead is key and online delivery and planning the weekly meals that you are in control of (I don't mean the work lunch, Christmas Curries etc.) will mean that you can keep your health goals on track. 3. Aim to stabilise blood sugar This is not the time to avoid carbs, you will be offered mince pies, you will be surrounded by Quality Street and it's ok to treat yourself every now and then. Remember, I really advocate the 80:20 rule - eat a whole food diet 80% of the time and 20% of the time allow life to happen. However, please do be cognisant of the impact that sugar and high refined carbs have on your blood sugar levels. If you have a Christmassy treat, then pair it with some protein or fibre to slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood. 4. Make good alcohol choices Yes, I'm talking to you Bailey's and Egg Nog! Avoid creamy or sweet drinks and try to grab some food when you eat too (crudites and nuts are a great bet) as this will reduce the impact of the alcohol and sugar on your blood stream.

5.Try to continue with your exercise programme

If your usual classes aren’t running, choose other options instead e.g. ice-skating with the kids, brisk walks with friends and family.

6.The morning after If you do overindulge with alcohol, then try to have a green smoothie the next morning to help your liver detoxify the metabolite of alcohol (acetaldehyde) that makes you feel so rotten. Add in a decent handful of kale as it has a plant chemical (sulforaphane) known to help flush through the alcohol toxins. Then get back on the 80% of the 80:20 rule. 7.Drink plenty of water This will encourage you not to overeat and will also improve how you feel the next day - not to mention giving your skin a glow! 8.Take your own dishes to parties Make sure you have some of your healthy, tasty fail-safes to hand (check out my past newsletters and blog for some good ideas) so that you have good alternatives. 9.Plan time to relax Put it in your diary. The first thing to go in this busy and sometimes stressful period is relaxation and relaxation is key to good health. I'll talk about this more in January but for now, just promise me, ok?

But most of all, have fun. You deserve it. Make memories and have a very Merry Christmas!

Make 2023 the year you put your health first. Book a free Reboot your Health call but hurry - spaces are filling up quickly!

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