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Should you take a multivitamin? YES!

Still feeling below par even though you eat upwards of five fruit and veg a day, eat organic when you can and add as many colours as possible to your plate?

Or perhaps, like most of us, that isn’t an accurate description of your diet. Either way, a decent multivitamin with body ready absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals will likely bridge the gap between potential insufficiency of nutrients and your optimal intake for good health and longevity.

I am firmly of the belief that ALL PEOPLE should take a good multivitamin. Why? Research. Even with the ‘perfect diet’ described above, it is hard to get all the essential vitamins and minerals out body needs for healthy function.

Let’s talk 5-a-day for a moment…. Research studies involving over two million people globally showed that better protection from chronic health concerns was maintained with ten servings per day. Cancer and stroke risk were shown to decrease by 13% and 30% respectively. The UK Government felt that 5-a-day seemed more achievable for the people than 10 a day, so they decided on that. Yet still less than 1/3 of UK reach that recommendation. Therefore, our daily intake of nutrients through food may just not be cutting it, even when we smash the government goals. See my free eBook for easy ways to add in ten a day.

Secondly, a British study published in 2022 suggested that the nutritional content of fruit and veg has dropped significantly over the last 70 years. with sodium, iron and copper dropping by 50%. So, the food has less nutrients and we further lose what they have through transport, production, preparation, storage.

It's easy to see how our daily intake of nutrients through food may just not be cutting it, even if we do achieve the erroneous five a day.

Now let’s take this to a personal level. If you are ageing, and you are, your ability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals will be decreasing due to lower stomach acid. Stomach acid decreases with age and as it is necessary for the absorption of so many nutrients, this can affect folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and calcium levels. It’s been shown that by the age of 75 up to 60% of people are vitamin B12 deficient.

Multivitamins come in all shapes and sizes, liquids or capsules, for menopause, fertility, teen health, children's health, babies health, men's health - the list goes on. It's always worth investing a little more and choosing a company that batch tests (to make sure the supplements have what they say they have in them) and invest in research and development. All good brands can be found at Natural Dispensary and other good retailers.

Use code GEWD10 at to get 10% off if you chose this store.

I’m Gemma Westfold, a registered Nutritional Therapist (BANT) and I’d love to welcome you to a FREE 30-minute Reboot your Health taster session where we can delve in to your health concerns and goals and you can walk away with personalised top tips to get started on today.

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